Rosie collaborates with mobile accessory brand, Covert.



Rosie has collaborated with leading accessories brand, Covert, to design a stylish range of iPhone and iPad cases, with hands-on involvement in the product design.

Covert originally contacted Rosie as they were interested in gifting her one of the products from their range. Having looked through the website, she quickly identified that there was a gap in their product range and felt that she could offer her own fashion creditability and style to help.

Rosie approached the brand about working on a collaboration and the initial meetings were purely creative. Rosie and designer Zoe quickly identified  that they wanted to create matching iPad and iPhone cases.

Initially, Rosie experimented with laser cut fabrics to make more of a patterned product. However, after mocking up designs and playing with the physical material, plus thoughts about the longevity of the products, Rosie decided to work with Pony Skin in a number of colour ways.

Originally there were 4 colours chosen, but after the sampling stages, she settled on Black, Blue and Pink for the final range.

The logo was designed in collaboration too and final touches led the clasp to be magnetised and the branding to be a small gold button with Rosie’s logo on. The coral colour on the stitching is a theme that runs throughout the collection and is a personal touch that Rosie added.

The designs come in iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad. There are also plans to release a limited edition range of cases later in the year. Rosie has been keen to brand the piece very much as an accessory, so that not only does it have a functional value, but it is also stylish too. The packaging for the product is equally stylish, something Rosie felt was important.

Colours, initial ideas, logos and styles were provided by Rosie with Zoe then putting pen to paper. Rosie then worked through the ideas, changing colours, sizing and style until the final packaged product was complete.